Instagram to End Direct Messaging with Facebook Friends

It is impossible to find a person who doesn’t use any of the metasocial media applications for communication. Users’ choice has always been Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram; however, Instagram and Facebook have some connection in reaching the person they want to chat with, share stories with, etc. Notably, Meta has put in a lot of effort over the years to connect Facebook and Instagram. The business offers cross-platform communications in addition to allowing users to share stories, posts, and reels. But it seems this is the end, as there is a chance that Instagram will stop allowing you to message Facebook pals, according to reports from a source, XDA Developers.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a tipster and software reverse engineer, shared a screenshot of a chat page where it is mentioned that “After mid-October, you will no longer be able to chat with your Facebook friends on Instagram, so this chat will be read-only. To continue the conversation, start a new conversation on Messenger or Facebook. No other information has been revealed by the tipster’s side, but the screenshot he shared depicts an Instagram message advising users to go to Facebook or Messenger in order to continue their chats there.

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Users can somehow rest assured, as this information isn’t something that the Meta officially announced. At the same time, the screenshot makes us think more about why Meta could terminate one such functionality that was enjoyed by many users. We can relate to facts reported in online sources that the connection of two significant social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram may have been a breach of antitrust rules in important areas like the United States.

Cross-platform texting was introduced three years ago, which made the process of discovering friends from one platform on another simpler, so we need to consider that there may be a strong reason for the firm to take this decision if this turns out to be true, as they won’t be illogical in this.

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