Android Auto is not starting automatically, new issue arrived

Google’s Android Auto is very familiar with bugs; it continuously gets new bugs with every new update. Talking about some recent issues, Android Auto users faced the voice command failure issue; however, that was not an update-related issue, but it quietly annoyed the users. Now, after Within a few days, a new issue is encountered.

Several Android Auto users have reported that when they start their cars, Android Auto does not give an automatic response and is not connected to the devices; it is worth noticing that users are able to connect it manually. The same problem was encountered last year as well; however, later, Google fixed the update.

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Notably, the problem is occurring in the latest updates; users are also claiming that the problem is frequently occurring, so to get rid of the issue, some users have followed the classical way and installed the previous version. According to the information, if you go to the 9.8 version or before, the problem gets eradicated.

To download the previous version, you can go to the APK Mirror and type Android Auto there, then select any previous version of Android Auto that is compatible with your device and install it. If you want to download the 9.8 version, you can click here.

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