Android Auto voice commands not working for some users

Google’s Android Auto team is continuously working for betterment for the application and constantly sending new updates to the users, but still, they are not yet successful in giving an error-free update that resolves the issues facing different users, and an old bug again appeared that troubling users to use the Android Auto through voice command.

The issue related to voice commands is not new; in the previous update, several users reported it. According to the previous reports, users are not able to use voice commands. When they are trying to use the voice command, it is not working, flashing the message on the screen “Voice commands are not available at the moment”. Now it is coming with a new problem.

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According to the users, when users are saying “Hey Google,” the system is not recognizing it and not responding. It seems that the bug is limited to the particular phrase, but when you use the microphone button, it starts to work normally. The same issue had also come up in the past, and Google had solved it with new updates.

It seems that the issues are linked to the new update, so if you want to get rid of this issue, you can use the classic solution of degrading apps, including Google Apps and Android Auto, from the previous update. If this does not work, then there is no other option left but to wait for Google to release a new update that fixes the issue.

After getting several reports on the issues, Google has come into action mode and asked users to provide more information so that it can find the cause of the issue and find a solution quickly. It indicates that the company will soon bring a new update for the application; however, it is not clear when the new update will be available for all users.

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