Samsung launches Galaxy SmartTag2 with New Smart Features

Following the release of its Galaxy Fan Edition smartphones, Samsung has announced the release of its revised SmartTag2 gadget, which has a more robust and adaptable design, a longer battery life, and an expanded range of functionality. The design now includes an inside metal ring, allowing it to be utilized for numerous purposes. The SmartTag 2 will be available internationally on October 11th for $30.

  • Lost Mode: Using the brand-new Lost Mode, users may send a message containing their contact information. If someone finds the missing item with a Galaxy SmartTag2 attached, they may scan the tag with their smartphone to view the message and contact information from the owner. The function is compatible with any mobile device that has an NFC reader and a web browser.
  • Longer battery life: Features a Power Saving Mode that may extend battery life to 700 days, which is twice as long as the previous SmartTag generation, while Normal Mode can last up to 500 days, which is 50% longer than before. Samsung did not specify which functions the Power Saving Mode eliminates, but it did state that it is primarily beneficial for users who use the smartphone to monitor possessions.
  • Design and Durability: The tag’s new small size and ring-shaped form allow users to attach it to bags and baggage. It now has an IP67 certification for water and dust protection, as well as a new pet walking mode that allows users to easily register walks with their furry pals.
  • Enhanced features: It brings an updated Compass View Function, which improves the user experience by displaying arrows to illustrate the direction of the tag according to the user and is accessible on every UWB-enabled Galaxy smartphone, including the Galaxy S23 Ultra. With the newly registered Galaxy SmartTag, it is easier to install a shortcut to the app on the user’s smartphone as the SmartThings Find app has now been upgraded. A full-screen map view and an intuitive layout have been added to the app.
  • Network support: makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Universal Wireless Broadband (UWB) capabilities, as well as Augmented Reality (AR) Find technology, to visually navigate consumers towards their item using the smartphone camera. The Galaxy SmartTag 2 has a Bluetooth range of up to 120 meters and can start home appliances via the SmartThings app.
  • Protection and Security: Enhanced protection as SmartThings Find encrypts user data and is supported by Samsung Knox. SmartThings Find can also provide security for Galaxy users with its “Unknown Tag Alerts” feature. This protects users and helps to avoid the misuse of location tracking services.
  • Tracking: It works perfectly with SmartThings Station, which is connected to SmartThings Find and serves as an always-on device scanner, allowing users to keep track of assets that have a SmartTag attached.

As we have seen, Galaxy SmartTag2 brings substantial improvements to an already highly appreciated product, thanks to a more durable design, new energy-saving modes and advanced features that make it easy to find the most important personal items. Samsung users can rest assured that their belongings will always be under control thanks to this new device coming soon.

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