Samsung Announces T9 Portable SSD: The Fastest and Most Powerful

Samsung T9 Portable Solid-State Drive (SSD) was launched today as the newest addition to the T-series. The T9 is designed to keep data safe even on the move, with quick transfer speeds and abundant capacity. On the USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface, the T9 supports sequential read and write rates up to 2,000 megabytes per second (MB/s). The USB interface supports two lanes of 10 Gbps operation, resulting in 20 Gbps data transfer rates and higher speeds.

The T9 has a sturdy aluminum body that is coated with rubber and can resist drops of up to nine feet to keep data secure. The curving diagonal lines and reverse carbon pattern on the T9’s surface give the gadget a fabric-like feel, similar to that of a premium wallet. The T9’s design makes use of rubber material to provide substantial performance and temperature management. The T9’s speed is roughly two times quicker than the previous generation, the T7, allowing users to transmit a 4 GB Full HD film in nearly two seconds or an hour and a half-long 4K video (21 GB) in 12 seconds.

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The T9 is compatible with PCs, 12K high-resolution broadcast cameras, cell phones, tablets, and gaming consoles running Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. Also includes USB Type C-to-C and USB Type C-to-A connections, giving professional makers a diverse alternative. In addition to a five-year limited guarantee, the T9 portable SSD provides consumers with the dependability required to accomplish their projects. The T9 SSD efficiently minimizes performance decreases due to overheating with the Samsung Dynamic Thermal Guard, delivering steady and rapid transfer speeds.

Due to its better heat management, professionals may transfer hours of 8K video or hundreds of high-resolution photos without fear of data loss. The drive is made of silicon and aluminum to drain heat, allowing it to run for long periods of hard labor. Users benefit from features such as performance benchmarks, security functions, firmware upgrades, and real-time health status checks with Samsung Magician software. The portable SSD T9 is now available at and limited stores.

Samsung T9 Portable SSD Prices

  • 1 TB variant: $139.99
  • 2TB variant: $239.99
  • 4 TB variant: $439.99

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