Webex App Reinvented for Samsung Galaxy Foldables & Tablets

With the Webex App for Samsung foldable phones and tablets, you can collaborate more productively and with greater flexibility. Users can maximize their Android experience; meetings, calling, and messaging are now optimized for Samsung foldable phones and tablets. Soon, users of Samsung foldable mobile devices will be able to rapidly take calls or reply to messages from the cover screen. Open up to the unparalleled Webex Flex mode experience with the capacity to observe up to 15 guests at once when hands-free video collaboration is necessary.

It is a multitasking powerhouse for mobile productivity on the go. The Webex app brings you best-in-class webex meetings, messaging, and calling features all in one app that was created for Android. Google Play is where you can download the Webex app for Android. If you require a larger screen, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go, Android tablets offer a rich viewing experience.

Features that Webex offers for enhanced experience:

  • With Webex Whiteboard and the S-Pen, you can see up to 21 people at once during a meeting and collaborate like never before.
  • Upgrade your meetings with features like a personalized stage view, interactive polling and Q&A, real-time translations, and cutting-edge AI-powered noise reduction and voice enhancement.
  • Smooth asynchronous cooperation is also made possible through Webex messaging, which keeps you linked.
  • For hybrid employees, all of these qualities make multitasking simple.

Webex also states that they never stop developing new technologies that will make cooperation easier and more fun for everyone. By the end of the year, our clients may anticipate these exciting improvements.

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