Android 15 will be a new era of quality for Android devices

In a recent interview on the Android Show, Dave Burke, the vice president of the Android engineering team, shared insightful details about the mobile operating system and its future developments.

Burke emphasized the paramount importance of quality for Android, recognizing how crucial it is for users who rely heavily on their devices. He believes that the higher the quality of an operating system, the greater user loyalty it can generate. Therefore, the Android developer team’s primary goal is to ensure that each new version is of higher quality than the previous one, measured through both lab tests and real-world scenarios.

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To enhance future results, the Android team plans to implement changes in their development practices in 2024, focusing on timing and stages.

When discussing Android 14, Burke highlighted the significant performance improvements it brings. Developers have worked diligently to reduce CPU activity by background apps, resulting in a 30% reduction in “cold starts” on Android 14, which is the time it takes to read code before it can run. Burke is confident that users will notice this improvement in their everyday usage of the operating system.

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