Carrier-locked Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S20 getting October 2023 Patch in the USA

Samsung has rapidly introduced the October 2023 update to several Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S20. Yes, you read it right. These devices have already received the update, but due to server limitations, Samsung has only given the update to limited regions, and now it is expanding it to the US.

Notably, the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S20 are getting new updates for the locked variants. More specifically, the Galaxy S23 locked devices are getting a new update on T-Mobile and MetroPCS with firmware version number S91*USQS1AWIH while on other carriers including Xfinity (Comcast), Spectrum Mobile, and US Cellular with different version numbers S91*USQS1AWIF.

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Meanwhile, the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra have firmware version numbers G981USQS7HWI2, G986USQS7HWI2, and G988USQS7HWI2, respectively. The device is currently receiving the T-Mobile and Sprint It is expected that the update could be expanded to more carriers in the coming days.

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October 2023 is the latest security update that enhances the security of Galaxy devices. According to Samsung’s official documentation, the latest update will come with a lot of new fixes. In detail, there are more than 40 fixes coming for the Galaxy devices, of which 34 were added by Google to enhance the overall issues of the Android OS. To bring extra enhancements for Galaxy devices, Samsung has also packed 12 more fixes with the latest patch.

Moreover, the latest update may also bring some improvements to your device, so you can enjoy the better performance and stability of different functions. Along with this, if you are facing any issues, it is possible that the update may resolve them, so you should update these devices to the latest version.

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