Galaxy S24 Ultra to Feature Iconic Design Element from the five years old device

Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy S24 series, its upcoming flagship, maybe as early as January. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is, predictably, the one drawing the most attention. However, a lot of excitement is being generated around the device’s anticipated launch modifications rather than just the debut itself. The firm is bringing up everything they have to make the next S range of smartphones a great hit. As of now, it is said that the base and plus variants, the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+, will not be getting any great changes aside from flat frames and will continue to resemble the former series. The Galaxy S24 Ultra will be a perfect replica of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Rumor has claimed that the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s bottom speaker will have a lengthy, strip-like appearance. Whereas the speaker opening on the new Galaxy S24 Ultra may include a long strip design, the Galaxy S23 Ultra had six pill-shaped openings. So we can expect a comeback of the speaker grille style with the Galaxy S24 Ultra. However, this change isn’t something applauded by the users, as it will do nothing to the sound quality; it is just a look change for the model.

Does it remind you of the Galaxy S9 series?

Samsung came up with its first flagship phones with stereo speakers, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, back in 2018. These models exactly have the same opening design as the speakers we are discussing. Samsung stopped employing the design to the next gadget that was released in the same year, the Galaxy Note 9. So the firm bringing this back after all these years is something that is increasing the hype. Bringing a less premium feature to a flagship model may seem irrelevant; however, Samsung will have something up its sleeve. Uncertainty also surrounds whether the speaker grilles of the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ will be treated similarly; let’s hope for the best.

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