Galaxy S24 Ultra: Your Dream Could Come True

Back in 2021, Samsung Electronics introduced its first 200-megapixel image sensor. Since then, the company has worked on its enhancements and innovations. New breakthroughs that have significantly enhanced pixel technology include the tetra-pixel and dual-VTG applications. In order to improve the high-resolution experience even further, the company is launching new solutions and keeping up its efforts.

ISOCELL Zoom Anywhere:

Users now have greater creative freedom while using their smartphones to record videos, all thanks to Samsung’s newest video feature, ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace. Users can pick their preferred subjects, and the camera will follow and record them automatically with the 200 MP image sensor solution. In order to record their own videos, users have up until now needed to concentrate on a moving object. Now, through the Qualcomm AI engine and ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace, the camera can detect and track moving objects quickly, making sure that they are not in the way.

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Real-time remosaic capabilities allow this functionality to also apply to highly zoomed-in areas. Zooming in on a topic after taking a full-screen video used to result in low-quality footage in the zoomed-in area. With ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace, users may now record both zoomed-in portions and the entire field of vision simultaneously. Furthermore, simultaneous recording of the full-screen and zoomed-in videos at high resolution is possible. It’s possible for them to begin a shot with the subject zoomed in and pan out. Additionally, they are allowed to do the opposite. The user experience is improved overall because functions provide a wider selection of creative options to choose from when filming.

Tetra Pixels in Sensor Zoom:

Users are also spared from having to be picky due to zoom restrictions through this feature. Nonetheless, the in-sensor zoom enables the sensor to retain the original 12.5 MP resolution and permits the recording of more vivid video by selecting and resizing the area to be removed from the overall view. When zooming in at 3x, the camera used to be moved from wide to tele, changing both the angle and the quality of the image. Nevertheless, there is no clarity when changing the zooming in at 2x or even 4x with that 200 MP wide camera.

End-to-End (E2E) AI Remosaic:

Samsung is launching End-to-End (E2E) AI Remosaic for picture capture in addition to Zoom Anyplace as a video solution. Right now, the 200 MP image sensor processes the photos in the following order after shooting: raw data output comes first, followed by remosaic, image signal processing (ISP), and finally, JPEG picture output. Every step in this process happens in the correct order.

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The technique is enhanced by E2E AI Remosaic, which allows for the simultaneous execution of ISP and Remosaic. Improved image quality and a reduction in the shooting time of 200 MP photographs were achieved by an overall faster image processing time. As a result of less frequent data loss due to latency, users will be able to snap and review images faster without sacrificing image quality.

Is the Galaxy S24 Ultra getting the ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace technology?

It has been stated that Samsung is employing the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor for its Galaxy S24 Ultra model. In the new video released by the firm, Samsung has commented that the ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace technology will be “accelerated by the Qualcomm AI Engine.” Also, it is compatible with the 200 MP ISOCELL camera sensors made by the business. They also showcased the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. It seems that Samsung has exclusively created this Zoom Anyplace technology for its upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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