Galaxy S24 to Get Satellite Features, Samsung Confirms

A new significant feature that will accompany the Galaxy S24 series has been revealed. But this time it isn’t about its new chipset, the Exynos 2400. At the Semiconductor EXPO 2023 keynote held at COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Park Yong-in, the President of System LSI announced its arrival. Along with stating that they are confident about the performance of the Exynos 2400, he added that the upcoming Galaxy smartphones in 2024 will include satellite connectivity for emergency services (via @Tech_Reve). This statement indirectly points out the Galaxy S24 24 series, as they are the next range of flagship smartphones from Samsung, which will be launched at the beginning of next year.

What is two-way communication in mobile devices?

Two-way communication between cellphones and satellites is made possible through satellite connectivity. With its potential to revolutionize emergency communications in remote places, this technology becomes extremely essential in areas with little or no cellular network coverage. Users will be able to communicate about their whereabouts and emergencies to others even in remote areas with no network access.

Galaxy S24 Ultra: Your Dream Could Come True

Apple was the first to add emergency SOS to iPhones in 2022 through the iPhone 14. With the right hardware, this function enables some iPhone models to connect to non-terrestrial networks (NTN). The company continued this feature with the iPhone 15 series.

Will the entire S24 family have functionality?

This isn’t something new, as the South Korean manufacturer has already stated that their upcoming smartphones will support emergency SOS features. It seems that the feature will begin with the Galaxy S24 series. However, it is not clear that every model in the series will have this functionality. For the least case, we can expect at least the ultra variant to have emergency SOS support.

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