Samsung Unveils Enhanced 50MP ISOCELL GNK Camera Sensor

Samsung has unveiled its latest ISOCELL GNK which is a new improved version of 50MP sensor, it is coming to set a new level for the phone photography experience. This will make a significant jump for improving the image quality for mid range camera smartphones.

According to the information, the new sensor will come in a significant 1/1.3 inch sensor size, it will also feature HDR innovation with three ISO modes so that you can choose a better appearance of the picture with your phone. If we talk about the video recording, it is capable of shooting at 8K in 30 frames per second without losing  quality. It is also equipped with Autofocus which backings self- adjust and HDR video in full HD mode at outline rates as high as 240fps.

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Additionally, the latest ISOCELL GNK has the same 1.2micron pixel size but Samsung has improved it more and said that it will perform even better to deliver photos and videos. If we talk about other specifications, it also provides dual pro auto focus which makes it possible to quickly focus on objects in motion whenever they’re in the frame. Pro users will appreciate the sensor’s ability to capture 14- bit RAW images for more vibrant colors. To get more clarifications here we are sharing full specification of new sensor

Samsung ISOCELL GNK specifications

  • Effective Resolution: 8,160 x 6,144 (50MP)
  • Pixel Size :1.2μm
  • Optical Format -1/1.3″
  • Color Filter – Dual Tetra Pixel RGB Bayer Pattern
  • Normal Frame Rate -Up to 24fps @full 50MP, 90fps @12.5MP
  • Video Frame Rate :    30fps @ 8K, 120 fps at 4K, 240 fps at FHD
  • Shutter Type: Electronic rolling shutter
  • ADC Accuracy: 10-bits
  • Supply Voltage: 2.2V for analog, 1.8V for I/O, and 0.9V for digital core supply
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +85°C
  • Interface: 4 lanes (2.5 GB per lane) D-PHY: 3 lanes (4.0 gsps per lane) 
  • Chroma: RGB
  • Auto Focus: Dual Pixel Pro (PDAF)
  • HDR: Staggered HDR, Smart-ISO Pro
  • Output Formats: RAW8/10/12/14
  • Analog Gain: [email protected] and x72@50MP

At the moment, Samsung hasn’t announced any phone that could be equipped with this sensor, but as usual, Samsung releases all its new devices almost every year, so it was expected that we could see some devices in the first quarter of the next year.

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