Galaxy S24 Set to Shine: Samsung Predicts 10% Sales Increase Over Galaxy S23

It is evident that the Galaxy S24 series is the most anticipated smartphone that will land in 2024. Just like the customers, it seems Samsung is also excited about bringing this product to the public. The manufacturer is quite confident about the Galaxy S24 series in terms of market value. Samsung has set a goal of bringing 35 million Galaxy S24 series phones to market, as per the Korea Daily website. In other words, this is 10% bigger than the case with the Galaxy S23 phone series. The business will regain its position as the market leader in the high-end phone segment, which Apple formerly had.

Samsung’s sales with its S series lineup:

The Galaxy S23 Ultra was Samsung’s lone flagship product, ranking in the top 10 smartphone models sold globally in the first half of this year. With that in mind, Samsung introduced the standard, plus, and ultra variants of its flagship Galaxy S24 series, along with a shipment target of 35 million units. With yearly shipments of less than 30 million units, the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 series, as well as the Galaxy S23 series, are both surpassed by this ambitious goal. Given that entry- and mid-range phones accounted for the majority of Samsung’s global phone sales, the company has set a greater sales target for the Galaxy S24 series.

In order to reach the higher sales target, Samsung is reportedly adding satellite connectivity to at least one of the new Galaxy S24 versions. It’s also supposedly collaborating with Google and Microsoft to make the Galaxy S24 series the first AI Galaxy Phones by integrating Google Bard or ChatGPT.

Samsung expects a great market value for the Galaxy Z6 series

Next year, 2024, will see the debut of Samsung’s A-series and M-series mid-range devices in addition to the Galaxy S24 flagship series and the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 phones. Samsung only ships 25% of its foldable and flagship models, with over 75% of its annual sales being low-cost devices. Because of this, Apple has an ASP of $988, whereas Samsung’s is $295. By launching more expensive smartphones like the Galaxy S24 series next year, Samsung hopes to increase its average selling price. More than 10 million expensive Galaxy Z foldable phones are what the company also plans to sell in the upcoming year.

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