Samsung to bring AI-powered creativity to Galaxy phones

Integrating artificial intelligence features into smartphones has become a new trend, and every manufacturer is behind it. Samsung is also getting ready to launch AI-integrated smartphones soon. “We are working to introduce AI technology as a new experience in our devices,” and they added that they “plan to offer this from 2024,” Samsung announced on October 31st in the third quarter earnings conference call. The smartphone, which will be generative AI-based, will be released next year. The manufacturer declared it will start offering AI-powered Galaxy smartphones in 2024 and will be known for enhanced user experience.

Samsung’s technology pertains to the utilization of generative AI on-device technology, which operates on the independence of an Internet connection. An AI-driven tool, just like ChatGPT, will be installed on the Galaxy smartphone, which will allow consumers to access a variety of services with straightforward commands even when they aren’t online. Earlier, it was said that the upcoming Galaxy S24 series will be the smartest phones by Samsung that have been released till now. For the reason of bringing the AI-featured tool independent of internet connection, Samsung is reportedly working on developing its own generative AI system.

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As per industry insiders, this technology will be included in the Galaxy Z6 series, which is scheduled for release in the second half of the year, or the Galaxy S24, which is said to debut in the first half of 2024. This is the major idea for Samsung to be a countermove against Apple’s next line-up of the iPhone 16 series. This series is said to include on-device artificial intelligence when it launches later in the year. Also in the Q3 event, the business shared its earnings for the third quarter and claimed it was able to post sales of KRW 67.4 trillion.

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