Apple’s Secret Plan to Bring the Apple Watch to Android Was Canceled to Protect iPhone

Apple was working on making the Apple Watch compatible with Android and adding other health features to it. Apple intended for Android phones to work with the Apple Watch. By now, Apple could have integrated Android into its well-known wearable, but the corporation ultimately backed off by doing so. As per the report published by Bloomberg, which was released this week, Apple may have intentionally terminated this support. With billions of cell phones, there would have been a whole new market for the corporation if the Apple Watch had been available for Android.

In the published report, it was stated,Apple engineers were also deeply involved in the effort to make the smartwatch and the Health app compatible with the billions of Android devices in circulation.” This move would have been greatly helpful to Apple, especially in regions where the demand for iPhones is low. It is important to note that the development was mentioned to be nearly complete. It’s been one of the major goals for Apple to persuade Android owners to migrate to the iPhone. The exact movement for which the initiative was scheduled by the manufacturer is still kept secret.

Apple was so concerned, as per the report, with keeping the Apple watch exclusive to the Apple ecosystem and positioning it as a treasure for iPhone owners. Moreover the reports assert that Apple viewed the Apple watch as a gadget that will stir up the sales of iPhones. Bloomberg claims, Apple was almost finished developing the Project Fennel, which included additional connectivity support for Android phones. This is not the first time there is a lot of cases of Apple like this. So, the company chose not to introduce the most widely used mobile operating system to the platform.

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