Spotify Revamps TV Interface with New Design

The user-friendly layout of the Spotify TV app has been redesigned for the big screen. It is still accessible on mobile devices. The goal of the redesigned homepage for the digital music and podcast streaming service is to enhance the user experience for those who use Spotify for smart TVs, gaming consoles, and media streaming devices. Spotify’s TV app is receiving a huge makeover with support for additional features, and it launches today. The TV app for Spotify will get an update with the Home tab“Up Next” compatibilitya dark mode, and improved account switching capabilities to better align with the company’s desktop or mobile apps.

Spotify is still available on a number of platforms, including Google TV, Roku, and others. Actually, Spotify has shown significant visual updates for the user interface of its smart TV app with its notable graphic advancements.

What’s new with the UI?

Previously, the app would just display the next song that was scheduled to play when you streamed music to your TV. Nevertheless, you may now choose what to play next by choosing the “Playback Queue” function. In addition, you can now set your TV to dark mode, which allows you to steam a carefully selected playlist and reduce screen brightness and images during your next home party.

Spotify Premium Users Can Now Listen to Free Audiobooks in the USA

Premium and free users of the Spotify TV app on compatible game consoles, smart TVs, and media streaming devices may access the latest software improvements. It’s not shocking in the slightest that efforts are being made to enhance the large-screen experience. The app now has a new look in addition to useful functional upgrades. The most recent active profile is shown prominently in the upper right corner of the screen, making it easy for users to transition between multiple Spotify accounts. This function, which enables easy access to each user’s personalized content, is especially helpful for homes with shared TVs.

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