Samsung Brings Neutral Density Filter to Expert RAW App

Over the years, Samsung has very much focused on developing its software, which ultimately aims to bring more convenient features for the users. For instance, if we take the example of high-end devices like the S series, there are several new functionalities introduced to bring better camera performance by bringing new hardware as well as software.

When we talk about the software for cameras, Expert RAW plays the main role, as it is packed with a very intuitive user interface and comes with all the necessary features that allow the users to take good photos with their phones. In detail, there are multiple manual functionalities that make it easy to control and use the functions.

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The company has now rolled out a new feature, a neutral density filter, which will bring more improvements for enhancing images. For your information, when you turn on this feature, it will help to reduce the light entering the lens; it will work like a sunglass and manage the overexposure so you can get a balanced light in the photos.

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This feature was previously available as physical filters for dedicated cameras, but now Samsung has developed it for its devices with the help of software. It will artificially manage the lighting and prevent the photo from overexposure. Once you install the latest update, it will be added to the app’s settings under the Expert RAW Labs section.

When you enable the option, it will give you the customization to decide how much strength you want in the filter (starting from 2 to 1000); in other words, you can easily set how much you use the light to enter the light. It will also be used at night, but the quality will be dependent on the lighting conditions. With the latest update coming with firmware version, users can easily update the application from the Galaxy Store.

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