Youtube brings more feature for Premium users

Subscribers to YouTube’s premium, ad-free experience may now enjoy some significant new benefits. Following the release of a new AI tool that produces songs utilizing the voices of famous artists, the features mostly center around AI. Ad-free, offline, and background YouTube video viewing is available with YouTube Premium. Recently, they introduced capabilities that enable you to queue films to watch in “enhanced” 1080p resolution on phones and tablets. Improved bitrates for Android, the web, and smart TVs are now available on YouTube with the new “1080p Premium” quality introduced by Google.

New experimental AI conversations centered around YouTube comments are among the newly announced features, which were revealed on the YouTube site. The business adds that new communication capabilities driven by AI may be tried out by premium users while they watch movies, starting today. The concept is an AI assistant that works within the video playback interface, suggesting relevant material and responding to queries, among other things. It is “only available in English to a limited number of YouTube Premium members in the United States on Android devices” at this point.

Conversational AI tool:

With the intention of improving your viewing experience even further, YouTube has introduced a new experimental conversational AI tool that Premium subscribers may be among the first to test out. Consider this your all-in-one tool that may provide information, recommend relevant material, and more without interfering with your playing. For now, this function is exclusive to English-speaking YouTube Premium subscribers in the US using Android smartphones.

To use the tool, touch “Ask” beneath selected movies. Ask questions regarding the film or choose a recommended prompt. If you sign up immediately, you can get one of the few available seats.

Premium Badges: These are labels that can be obtained by using the Premium features and accomplishing new objectives. They are located on the page devoted to the benefits of the subscription and function as a kind of private trophy case.

On tablets and smart TVs, YouTube Premium subscribers may now benefit from the feature that allows them to pick up where a video stopped off. This feature, which was previously available on smartphones and the online version, has now been expanded to guarantee that you never miss a second of your preferred films on any platform.

Last but not least, it is important to note that only users with a current YouTube Premium membership, which costs 11.99 euros per month, are able to access this feature.

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