These Samsung Galaxy devices won’t get any major OS updates after One UI 6 (Android 14)

In early 2022, Samsung updated its policy of software updates for its Galaxy devices. According to this policy, the company has decided to provide a maximum of five years of software update support, in which it will provide four major updates and some security updates. However, this policy is not directly applied to all the devices; it is limited to high-end devices, which range from midrange to flagship devices, while low-range or entry-level devices are still limited to two major updates.

According to this policy, there are multiple devices that will be retired after getting the One UI 6 update, meaning that after this update they are no longer eligible to get any major updates in the future. With the latest iteration of One UI 6, the company will bring significant features and improvements for the devices.

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Informatively, the latest company will introduce a lot of enhancements in several built-in applications, such as Camera and Gallery, which will give you a lot of new functionality that makes it more convenient to use and adds more utility options for the users. Additionally, the company has many UI changes, for example, Quick Panel, so it can give a whole new experience for the users. Take a look at the list below to see if your device is also the one that will retire after One UI 6.

These devices will get the final major update, One UI 6.

  • Galaxy A72
  • Galaxy A52 
  • Galaxy A52 5G
  • Galaxy A52s
  • Galaxy A23
  • Galaxy A13
  • Galaxy M42
  • Galaxy M23
  • Galaxy M13
  • Galaxy F23
  • Galaxy F13
  • Galaxy F42 5G

However, these devices will also grab one more significant update in the form of One UI 6.1, which will also serve several new improvements for the devices, which means you will have one reason to get excited even after the major update.

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