Samsung’s The Frame TV Pays Tribute to Keith Haring’s Iconic Pop Art

One of the most famous artists, Keith Haring’s latest collection, will be available at the Samsung Art Store beginning on December 1, 2024. Presenting the great artist’s lasting legacy to homes worldwide, the collection includes 122, which includes most of the notable 20th-century works.

Remarkable artists, museums, and art galleries have collaborated with Samsung since the launch of the Samsung Art Store in 2017. This ensures that consumers may examine priceless collections and masterpieces from the convenience of their own homes.

Through his famous street art, Keith Haring, a well-known personality in 1980s New York urban street culture, encapsulated the spirit of the city. His distinctive style and visual language have achieved global recognition. By collaborating with Samsung, art aficionados will be able to experience the renowned artist’s work as well as learn more about his legacy and the inspiration he has provided for a wider audience.

With its revolutionary 16:9 screen ratio, Samsung’s The Frame TV is a stylish addition to any living area, and this collection has been carefully chosen and optimized for it. Haring created art for the benefit of his community as well as a creative release. His colorful and provocative compositions will be more broadly accessible to customers globally with pieces like Radiant Baby, Retrospect, and Untitled (Dancing Dogs).

He produced a large number of paintings, sculptures, and murals for hospitals, impoverished children’s organizations, and different community health organizations. In order to honor his work, his foundation is dedicated to collaborating with curators of art education programs, museums, galleries, publishers, and other institutions.

  • The Whitney Museum of American Art
  • The Museum of Modern Art and many more institutions throughout the globe have his artwork on display.
  • The Prado Museum in Madrid
  • The Belvedere Museum in Vienna, Tate (London)

Gustav Klimt, Kandinsky, Van Gogh, and other well-known artists and art institutions have also played a key role in contributing digital artworks to the Art Store.

Seline Sangsook Han, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said,We’re thrilled to bring the power and vitality of this contemporary master to the Samsung Art Store. Keith Haring created a visual language that is recognizable around the world, and we’re delighted to provide these artworks on a digital platform for our global audience to enjoy at home.”

David Stark, the founder and president of Artestar, an international brand licensing and consulting agency representing Keith Haring Studio, stated, “Working with Samsung Art Store felt like a great opportunity to share Keith Haring’s iconic artwork with a global audience. Keith lived by the ethos that ‘art is for everybody,’ and The Frame allows his work to enter the homes of fans and newcomers alike. We hope this collection will spark interest in Haring and his legacy.”

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