Android’s iMessage App Beeper Mini is down

Just a few days ago, Beeper Mini got so popular among tech enthusiasts as it promised to bring an ideal iMassage service to Android smartphones, which allows users to communicate with iPhone users easily. But, in less than a week, it has stopped working properly.

According to several users on Reddit and other platforms, the Beeper mini is not able to send or receive any messages, and some users are also reporting that they are not able to sign in to Apple ID when they are reinstalling it or activating on new devices. When users are sending the message, it is showing an error in the red font: “Failed to lookup request timed out.” It looks like the main issue is related to the server, so it is possible that Apple has made some limitations or that there may be some error from the company-side server connection.

If you don’t know about how the Beeper Mini has been successful in connecting the iMassage service to the Android app, here is a summary: the company has figured out how it can link its users to sign in directly to the Apple server through the Android app. To do that, its developer has reverse-engineered the iMassage and made their app identical to it. They also bypassed the Apple ID section so users could directly join in with their phone numbers. In this way, the company successfully managed to provide interconnectivity between iMassage users and Android devices.

Has Apple taken any steps against the application?

Well, according to the information, it is not clear yet if this is done by Apple completely, but all the data indicates that it is. During a conversation between Techcrunch (via 9to5), he said, “If it’s Apple, then I think the biggest question is: if Apple truly cares about the privacy and security of their own iPhone users, why would they try to kill a service that enables iPhones to send encrypted chats to Android users? With their announcement of RCS support, it’s clear that Apple knows they have a gaping hole here. Beeper Mini is here today and works great. Why force iPhone users back to sending unencrypted SMS when they chat with friends on Android?

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