Galaxy S20 FE gets December 2023 update in the US

Samsung has started rolling out the December 2023 update for the Galaxy S20 FE devices; earlier, the company had already served the same update to the main series of Galaxy S20 series devices in the US.

Carrier-locked and unlocked Galaxy S20 FE gets December 2023 Update

According to the information, the latest update for the Galaxy S20 FE is now available for both locked and unlocked units of devices, which come with the version numbers G781USQSEHWK2 and G781U1UESEGWK1, respectively. Some carriers, including T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint, US Cellular, and Dish Wireless, are now receiving the latest update for the carrier-locked units of Galaxy S20 FE devices.

As said earlier, the latest update for the Galaxy S20 FE is a new security patch, which will enhance the overall security of the devices. In detail, the December 2023 patch brings more than five dozen new patches; of those, 50 fixes are included by Google, which eradicates the issues found in the Android OS. Samsung has added 16 more patches to enhance the security of Galaxy devices exclusively.

Moreover, if you update your device to the latest patch, it will provide extra protection against the latest evolved malware and also secure your device from cyber attacks. So if you want to be safe in the online era, you should keep your device updated.

If you are also using the Galaxy S20 FE in the US, then you can now easily install the latest update by following these simple steps: First, go to the system settings, then scroll down to the software update menu, then select the download and install option. Now wait until it finishes searching; if it shows a new update available, then click on the download button.