Samsung and Warner Bros. Partner: Aquaman and the Lost Realm Brings SmartThings to Life Globally and in Europe

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, being the most anticipated among the DC fan club, will finally hit the screens in December. The exclusive partnership between Samsung Electronics and Warner Bros. Pictures was announced yesterday, prior to the film’s release. A global shop activation and a digital activation in Europe called Aquaman’s SmartThings Kingdom comprise the two stages of the holiday cooperation. The campaign will include Samsung’s multichannel system as a whole.

Aquaman SmartThings realm, which will travel viewers around Aquaman’s realm, will debut across Europe on December 11, 2023. As everyone waits for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom to officially hit theaters on December 20 and 22 in North America, respectively, the official trailer. Using SmartThings’ AI Energy Mode, igniting customer anticipation for pre-release cinema-grade viewing of films. Because our washing machines may save customers up to 70% on their energy use, the sales phase will empower customers to be the heroes of their homes.

Aside from many additional features, users can learn how to utilize SmartThings Energy to keep an eye on their energy usage, Jet Live on the JetBot AI+ to keep an eye on their pets while you’re away from home, and SmartThings Find to find your Galaxy Z Flip 5 or valuable artifacts. Neo QLED 8K Visitors may view Samsung in mind-blowing 8K only on Samsung TVs that are only available in shops.

If you want to witness the 8K trailer, go to the nearest Samsung store

Visit your nearby Samsung shop to view the stunning 8K version of the official trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. You can experience the bright underwater world of Atlantis and get a sneak peek at the incredible experience that lies ahead with this unique preview, which is exclusively accessible on Samsung TV. This thrilling in-store event is a part of a larger 8K content collaboration between Warner Bros. Pictures and Samsung that highlights the ability of Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs to provide immersive cinematic experiences even before films are released in theaters.

Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung Europe, said: “Collaborating with Warner Bros. and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, one of their bigger franchises, that’s great. Showing what SmartThings can do, combined with Aquaman’s superpowers, will give audiences an unforgettable experience. Allowing users to see an exclusive trailer in 8K is a great way to discover the Lost Kingdom.”