Samsung Ignites First-Ever 3D Live Stream Gaming Event in London

Samsung Gaming Hub has created an interactive 3D livestream featuring an intense Rocket League duel between two gaming influencers, which is being shown live on Piccadilly Lights. Utilizing Ocean Outdoor’s DeepScreen Alive technology for the first time to allow live reactions from OOH spectators into the livestream experience, Samsung’s Gaming Hub Challenge feat. Rocket League elevates digital out-of-home (DOOH) to a new level. Cheil collaborated in the development of the project.

This 15-minute game, which was produced by CYLNDR, took place on Piccadilly Lights in London and featured influencers Apparently Jack (@ApparentlyJxck) and Vatira (@Vatira5) competing to become the Samsung Gaming Hub Champion. The game was presented as though OOH viewers were watching it on their own TV with the help of Ocean Labs and Ocean Studio, who created a 3D animation of a Samsung Smart TV for the Piccadilly Lights presentation.

Viewers in Piccadilly Circus could use their smartphones to give their responses as they saw them by scanning a QR code to visit a website and choosing an emoji response that materialized on the large screen instantly. Samsung Gaming Hub is the gaming streaming service equipped in the gaming TVs and monitors from Samsung. It comes with access to more than 3,000 popular games like Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and other streaming services, which is quick and simple.

Users can play without any restrictions on storage size, without the need for a console or PC, and just stream. Samsung is a long-term advertising partner for the Piccadilly Lights, which are run by Ocean on behalf of Landsec. With Ocean Virus, a fully integrated, purpose-built hardware and software solution that includes the Unreal game engine and offers limitless possibilities for real-time answers and 3D interactivity, Ocean was able to create its first-ever live-rendered DeepScreen scene.

Donna Buckingham, Head of Business, Cheil, said, “We’re incredibly proud to be partnering with Samsung to launch the first-ever livestreamed gaming event on the iconic 3D Piccadilly Circus screen. Whether watching online or visiting the Piccadilly screen, fans can enjoy cheering on their gaming hero, experiencing a first-of-its-kind event that positions the Samsung Gaming Hub as the heart of gaming.”

Gus Grimaldi, Head of Product, Europe, Samsung Electronics, said, “We are pushing the boundaries to create engaging customer experiences, showcasing our Gaming Hub capabilities in an incredible 3D display on London’s Piccadilly Screen. We want to encourage people to enjoy and embrace gaming, whether they’re novices or pro-level. Gaming is for everyone. Our Gaming Hub provides thousands of games at your fingertips, and we’re delighted to bring this to life on such an iconic London landmark.”