Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite gets November 2023 Security patch with a new update

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite was the first device that was available for Galaxy users and brought the flagship feel and features into an affordable range. However,  now it is counting in the older devices that are on the way to retire from software updates. For your information, it has already passed the major update eligibility, but currently it is eligible for security updates, and now the devices are getting the largest patch in the form of the November 2023 update.

Galaxy S10 Lite Receives November 2023 Update

Notably, the November 2023 update for the Galaxy S10 Lite is spotted in European countries. With the firmware version number G770FXXU8HWK5, it will improve the overall security of the devices and also provide some improvements to the device performance. While the previous update was available for the device back in November, it included the September 2023 patch. This is all happening because the device is listed under the quarterly security update, which means it will only be eligible to get four security updates per year.

If you are also using the Galaxy S10 Lite device mentioned above in Europe, now you can easily update them by following some simple steps: First, open the system settings, then tap on the software update menu and touch the download and install option. Wait for some time to finish the searching; if it shows a new update available, then tap on the download button.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 Lite device back in 2020 and launched it with the Android 10. It has received three more major updates in the form of Android 11, Android 12, and Android 13 sequentially, but it is now no longer eligible for any major updates, and it will receive only two security updates next year and then properly retire.