One UI 6.1 Battery Protection Feature Available on Your One UI 6.0 Phone

Samsung has successfully introduced its latest major update for Galaxy devices in the form of One UI 6. It has provided a plethora of new features, but as usual, the company will showcase the full potential of the update with its next Android 14-based update, One UI 6.1. The company is preparing it with some more useful features. We have already got information about some new features that are coming with the next update, one of which is the battery protection feature, which can also be used by Galaxy users on One UI 6 running devices.

What is the One UI 6.1 battery protection feature?

The battery protection feature will offer you different options through which users can decide which type of battery charging suits their lifestyle so they don’t get damaged due to overcharging. In other words, it will provide three options, including basic protection, which will control the charging. When the phone battery level reaches 100%, it will cut the power supply, and until the phone reaches 95%, it will start charging again. This will continue until you disconnect the charger.

The second option is adaptive protection, which will pause the charging of the device when it reaches 80% and then continue to charge slowly to 100% according to your scheduled wake-up time.

The third option is Maximum Protection, which will set the battery charging limit to 80% after it stops charging. This is the best way to protect your battery health for the long term, but due to less power storage, the phone will not perform well for long.

How to use this feature on One UI 6.0 devices

According to the information shared by an X (Twitter) user, the battery protection feature can now be easily activated on a One UI 6.0 device through a third-party application, Activity Launcher. Open it, search for the battery protection activity in the app, and open it. Now just turn it on, and you will see three options, as mentioned above. However, it is worth noticing that the feature is still developing, so it may not work properly in some cases.