Samsung expands the December 2023 update for the Galaxy S20 in more countries

Samsung has swiftly introduced the December 2023 update for its eligible devices, but as usual, due to some server limitations, the company is unable to push the update to all the countries, and now it is gradually expanding the update to more countries. The latest example comes with Galaxy S20 devices, which have already received the update in several countries and are now receiving the update for the devices.

Notably, the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra are getting new updates in China, which carry the firmware version numbers G9810ZHS8HWL1, G9860ZHS8HWL1, and G9880ZHS8HWL1, respectively. The update includes a new security patch in the form of December 2023, which will enhance overall security by introducing some new bug fixes.

More specifically, with the latest security patch, there are more than 60 fixes introduced; of them, 50 are included by Google, and the other 16 were added by Samsung. It is worth noticing that the fixes added by Google could eradicate the bugs related to Android, while Samsung has exclusively addressed issues related to Galaxy devices.

Moreover, with the latest update, the devices will get an extra layer of safety and the power to fight against external threats, including malware. This also makes sure that you will get a more secure environment on the device where you can enjoy your favorite content without worry.

If you are also using the Galaxy S20 series of devices, to get the latest update, you have to follow some simple steps. First of all, check for the notification; if it arrives, then simply tap on it, which will redirect you to the software update page here. tap on the download button, but in case you haven’t received the update yet, you can check the update manually by going to the software update menu through settings.