All Android devices to display new Powered By Android logo from this year (2024)

In September, Google formally unveiled the updated logo for its well-known operating system to the public. Over the years, we have seen numerous iterations of the logo and, more broadly, the Android brand. With its 3D design, the new Android logo should be more contemporary, better represent the current, and more adaptable to a variety of devices, channels, and situations. When engaging in agreements with Google, makers of Android devices will be required to use the new logo as of 2024.

Now all the Android manufacturers will have to show the new Android logo on their devices

Manufacturers of Android devices will be unable to remove the updated logo. This year, the new device home screens have to display the new logo with the new font along with the standard “Powered by” text. This is the picture that expert Mishaal Rahman found in Android AOSP. Google has always placed a great deal of importance on this branding as it helps customers identify devices that are compatible with Android. Reports state that no Android device maker, not even industry titans like Xiaomi, which is introducing its new Android HyperOS interface and would undoubtedly want to center its logo, will be able to ignore it.

The Google brand’s color scheme is combined with Material Design in the new logo graphics. Concurrently, the “A” in “Android” capitalizes to increase the impact of the logo when compared to Google’s; the new stylization emphasizes curves—the new font is typified by perfectly rounded letters “n” and “r”—and  is more in line with the popular one in the Mountain View area. All things considered, this new logo clearly highlights Android’s close relationship with Google.

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