Samsung’s New Service Brings Smart Home Controls to Your TV

In order to facilitate the management of all Samsung and SmartThings compatible devices from your TV interface, Samsung revealed two new services during CES 2024. As a part of its Now+ service, Samsung unveiled a new TV interface that integrates smart home controls.

In their official blog post, Samsung mentioned that the Now+ service will let you see your smartphone as a remote control in addition to controlling your smart home appliances such as fans, light bulbs, air conditioners, and so on. The business introduced the Now+ service, which integrated smart home controls into the TV interface, at their CES 2024 news presentation today in Las Vegas. Additionally, the company debuted Daily+, a customizable tool that uses all the information that Samsung and Bixby have about you from your SmartThings devices to make finding relevant apps easier.

Samsung claims that, as a result, TVs will be able to recognize nearby smartphones and turn them into remote controls. A brand new SmartThings TV quick panel will slide in to display core functions, allowing you to view cameras, manage devices, and then even ping your mobile without interfering with your ability to view content.

Additionally, the company explained a feature that will activate your TV as soon as you walk up to it and display important information about your appliances and gadgets. Users will be able to use their smartphones as remote controls by having the TVs recognized when they are nearby, thanks to the Daily+. Expected release dates, a list of compatible TVs and devices, and information on whether Samsung smartphones are required to use the remote control capability were all lacking. A significant number of linked appliances should be able to operate with SmartThings because it is compliant with the Matter standard.

Another update from Samsung to the TV is a new, user-friendly interface. Samsung is rolling out the smart home interface more extensively across its platform, and it will soon be available on TV. Despite the Samsung version being earlier, Map View is comparable to Amazon’s recently released Map View UI. With the help of SmartThings dynamic map view, you can oversee energy consumption and security camera feeds while managing connected devices in real time, such as lights and locks.

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