Google’s Next-Gen Assistant: Exploring Potential Name Changes

Before launching the digital assistant later this year, Google is probably going to rename the product Bard instead of Assistant. Google formally introduced Assistant with Bard during the Pixel 8 event in October of last year, and plans to release it in 2024. But Google intends to rename it “Bard” and exclude the word “assistant.” After breaking down the most recent iteration of the Google app, the source, 9to5Google, discovered that the app’s welcome screen had been modified from “Hello! I’m Bard’s assistant” to “Hey! My name is Bard.” The site claims that the Bard name appears in other parts of the program.

While “Assistant with Bard is temporarily unavailable” becomes “Bard is temporarily unavailable,” “Assistant with Bard settings” becomes “Bard settings.” There are several notable changes noted; in case you are unclear about what’s being meant here, it all seems to point towards Google being ready to drop the “Assistant with Bard” in favor of just Bard. Google is now referring to Bard as a digital assistant rather than a new iteration of the current Google Assistant, which is another minor shift in terminology. In fact, Google has eliminated Bard’s connection to the current tool and eliminated any reference to the classic Google assistant.

In an effort to focus on quality and reliability, ultimately making it easier to use Assistant across devices, Google stated that it was deleting a number of Assistant functions last week. Assistant’s future lies with Bard. Assistant is less clear now that there may be a change to the branding. Google Assistant is a well-established product that is constantly being updated, whereas Bard is still an experimental AI assistant. One of the necessary steps Google needs to take before replacing Assistant entirely with Bard is likely to eliminate a number of useful assistant capabilities.

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