Samsung Might Announce Budgetable Foldable Device Under Galaxy A Series 

For a few days, the news and reports have been blowing on the street that the Korean giants are gearing up to expand the ways of affordable Galaxy devices for users who prefer affordable smartphones. 

Now, recent reports are unveiling that Samsung Electronics is working on an affordable foldable smartphone device to announce along with the forthcoming next-generation Galaxy Z Fold 6. It was also unveiled that the high-range foldable device would be announced under the Galaxy A-series. 

It comes to know that Samsung’s export data indicates that the brand has already started developing components for the upcoming budgetable Galaxy foldable smartphones, which are expected to launch alongside the Galaxy Z Foldable series

As the reports already revealed, two foldable smartphone codenames, “Q6” and “B6” internally, have repeatedly appeared on Samsung’s online database since August 2023. These forthcoming models are expected to be named Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6, as the fifth generation of the Galaxy Z series followed the same moniker internally.  

Another model with the tag “Q6A” has appeared on Samsung’s Southeast Asian suppliers’ databases, producing components fordels. As per the reports, the new term ‘A’ in the internal code name for the device indicates that the more affordable Galaxy Z Fold 6 model could be incorporated into Samsung’s Galaxy A-series. 

However, it has yet to be made clear whether the term Q6A stands exactly and whether it belongs to Galaxy A Series or any other. 


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