Samsung Upgrades Galaxy S24 Fingerprint Reader: New, Faster, and More Secure

Samsung has debuted the awaited Galaxy S24 flagship series, and within no time it’s on the stage among us. The brand has powered this latest series’ smartphone with brand new features, great specifications, and a decent and attention-grabbing design.

However, even after the powerful package of upgraded software as well as hardware, some Galaxy S24 users are complaining against the smartphone regarding the Always On Display, Android Auto infotainment platform, display, camera hardware, and more.

Since the brand has made the Galaxy S24 smartphones available in the market, the controversy regarding the phones got started. Multiple videos were also published on the web in which the smartphones were in question. Now it appears that Samsung would have upgraded an internal component of the latest Galaxy S24.

People who are using the Galaxy S24 series undoubtedly must have noticed some differences as compared to their predecessor smartphones. The comparison results show that the Galaxy S24 family seems to unlock faster than the previous models. The reports are indicating that there is a new sensor for fingerprint recognition.

It is being speculated on by the YouTube channel WikiHome, which has shared a video unveiling interesting details regarding the hardware component. The video is unveiling how the Korean giants used a new Sonic 3D fingerprint reader, which is holding up the model code QFS4008. Whereas the predecessor smartphone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, was equipped with a QBT2608 code component.

The YouTuber also conducted some tests for comparing the sensor used on the Galaxy S24 Ultra with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, focusing attention on how the most recent component is actually faster at unlocking the device.

The Korean giant has introduced a new fingerprint recognition sensor on its latest Galaxy S24 Ultra flagship. But here’s the question: what about the fingerprint recognition sensor of the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+? So it is known that Sammobile’s colleagues are trying to check what type of sensor was mounted on their Galaxy S24+, and the results are saying that the giants used the same component with QFS4008 code.

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