US Unlocked Galaxy S21 and Galaxy A53 started getting February 2024 security update

Samsung is gradually rolling out the February 2024 security update for the Galaxy devices, and during the expansion, the company has already distributed the update to several Galaxy devices. Initially,  it was observed that the company would provide the update to the high-end devices, but now it has started rolling out randomly, and now the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy A53 devices.

The Korean giant has started providing the update to the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy A53 devices. It is worth noticing that the update has been spotted for the unlocked units of the Galaxy devices. Users who own the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra can identify the latest update by the firmware version numbers G991U1UESAFXAB, G996U1UESAFXAB and G998U1UESAFXAB respectively.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy A53 is getting the same update with the firmware version number A536U1UES8DXA5. For your information, the latest update brings a new February 2024 security patch for the devices, so you should not expect any new features with the update; it just aims to provide some new security-related enhancements for the devices.

Going into the details, there are more than 60 security vulnerability issues addressed in this update; 61 fixes are included by Google, while the other 8 issues are addressed by Samsung to make the Galaxy devices security-proof.

If you are using the Galaxy S21 or Galaxy A53 devices in the US, then you should start getting notifications about the system update availability for the devices. Just tap on the notification, which will redirect you to the software update menu. Here, you just need to tap on the update button.

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