Samsung Galaxy S22 Trio Becomes World’s First Smartphone Series To Support VO5G

Zain Kuwait recently announced that it has started to provide Voice Over 5th generation support nationwide, Kuwait. The Galaxy S22 series has become the world’s first smartphone to support vo5G.

According to zain Kuwait, after installing and inspecting its 5G network, it recently announced that it would provide VO5G services to all its customers without any extra cost. while only Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra currently support this on their network, but it’s not the only phone to come with this functionality.

Zain Kuwait also became the world’s first commercially launched VO5G operator with the Galaxy S22 series bearing exclusivity for VO5G.

The telecom operator also added that “VO5G allows users to enjoy using the internet, streaming services, and data-hungry apps while making voice calls with the consistent and ultra-fast speeds of 5G,” it added. “The service offers a great solution for users who heavily depend on data services, as they will not have to end phone calls to get back to the best internet experience anymore.”
This will provide a “Crystal-clear” voice experience, noted by the operator.

Other operators are also testing their 5g network capabilities with this being done. Deutsche Telekom is also working with Nokia and Ericsson, Qualcomm, Xiaomi, and Samsung, to name the german operator. Indian telecom operators Jio and Bharti Airtel are also preparing for a 5G network and are currently in the phase of buying spectrum. Also, the Huawei network is currently testing the 5G network, and LG Uplus has also completed the tests for core technology, VO5G, and EPS fallback.
The future is going the 5G way, and it’s a matter of time when people will probably forget what 4G was, like 3G, but until then, we will keep you updated.


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