T-Mobile announced Voice Over 5G In The US and Galaxy S21 is first for Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S21 will use T-Mobile SA VO5G NR on 3rd June. T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS) launched SA VO5G in small areas of the USA using their Un-Carrier marketing campaign in Salt Lake City, Utah, Portland, and Oregon, after testing for months.

T-Mobile US claims to be the first to deliver nationwide SA 5G while partnering with Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung. However, other carrier operators like Verizon and At&t and t has said they will advance their network when they see it fit and a true rival to current network capabilities. since 2019, 5G capable devices like Galaxy S10 have been available, but 5G technology is expanding and progressing in partial steps only.

Currently, only Galaxy S21 is supported for the VO5G feature. Still, T-mobile said it would be coming to other devices, mainly Galaxy S22, this year. In contrast, some older devices will not be supported, informed Grant Castle, vice president of device engineering and technology labs at T-Mobile. At the same time, this short step and just in small areas is still a big feat to achieve as its USA’s first standalone 5g VO5G NR launched by any telecom operator.

To understand VO5G, not make it complicated; to keep it brief, let us understand what standalone VO5G or VO5G NR(Voice over 5G or VO New Radio) is: Standalone 5G is a system of the network that does not require the use of 4G LTE spectrum or share with 4G LTE rather it has its network and a service-based architecture, along with its frequency paired with native cloud service.

 VO5G or VONR offers much better audio quality, wider coverage, low call connect response time, low latency, and simultaneous call and internet browsing without compromising speed.

VO5G NR has the following benefits

  • Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLCC) -Provides near-real-time responsiveness, used in smart factory/industrial automation. Healthcare industry, Intelligent transportation, Entertainment, and Media.
  • Massive IoT-Internet of things: used for better monitoring and tracking.
  • Network Slicing-overlaying, 5G VONR’s virtual network over the shared network, benefiting from serving a different purpose. Enables the network operator to maximize network resources and service flexibility.

This is what T-Mobile expalined-

“We don’t just have the leading 5G network in the country. T-Mobile is setting the pace for providers around the globe as we push the industry forward – now starting to roll out another critical service over 5G. 5G is already driving new levels of engagement, transforming how our customers use their smartphones and bringing unprecedented connectivity to areas that desperately need it. And it’s just going to get better thanks to the incredible T-Mobile team and our partners who are tirelessly innovating and advancing the capabilities of 5G every day”, said Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile

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