A Mali threat have found on the Galaxy phones featuring Exynos SoC

As the tech industry is growing rapidly, internet threats also became a severe issue over time. The Google Zero Project team has recently found various security issues and exposures in Galaxy smartphones. This threat specifically affects the Galaxy devices running on the Exynos chipset and the Mali GPU. These susceptibilities can lead to kernel memory corruption and even leak the physical memory addresses too.

According to Google’s Project Zero team, the threat-maker will get complete access to the affector’s device. It can easily bypass the permission model of the Operation System. Other threats can lead to a physical page us-after-free condition. Their blog post also reveals that with these vulnerabilities, the attacker will be able to continue reading or writing on the physical pages even if they have been restored to them.

Let you know these threats were initially discovered during the investigation of the Pixel 6 device. Luckily, the Galaxy devices running on the Snapdragon processor are safe from this threat. Leaving the Samsung devices side, some Oppo and Xiaomi devices are also running on the ARM-made Mali GPU, so it is feared that these devices may also be affected by those Mali threats.

Previously in the month of July, ARM found the same security flaws in smartphones, but unfortunately, until now, any smartphone manufacturer still needs to provide a patch for them. Gratefully, as of now, Google’s Project Zero team has discovered the issues in Android, so we are hoping to get a patch by the upcoming month.

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