Samsung One UI 5.1 will also adopt Android 13’s new media controls feature

Samsung is all set to launch the One UI 5.1 with its upcoming flagship smartphone, i.e. Galaxy S23. According to the past timeline of One UI upgradation, the company has made a trend to release the latest One UI iteration with the latest S series devices.

Samsung will launch the Galaxy S23 devices by tomorrow; it is confirmed that One UI 5.1 will make its debut with this device. The preorder offer is running if you make any reservation, you will be eligible to get up to $100 credit. However, the offer is only valid till 31st January.

One UI 5.1 Media Control For Notification Panel

Samsung One UI 5.1 is a great update to the One UI platform, bringing with it new features and updates that make the user experience even better. With its adoption of Android 13’s new media controls, Samsung users will be able to enjoy an improved audio/visual experience while also having access to more customization options when it comes to their device’s media playback. All in all, this looks like a great step forward in offering users a truly streamlined and enjoyable mobile operating system experience!

Android 13’s new media controls will allow users to control their media playback directly from the notification shade. This will include controls for music, video, and podcasts. Additionally, users will be able to see their recently played media in the notification shade.

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Of course, it’s worth noting that this doesn’t necessarily mean that Samsung will be rolling out the new media controls to all devices running One UI 5.1. It’s possible that the company could reserve this change for its flagship devices, much as it did with the adoption of Android 13’s gesture navigation system.

After launching on the Galaxy S23, the One UI 5.1 will be expanded to more eligible devices – we have a full list of devices eligible for One UI 5.1.

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