Samsung Calendar app grabs new features and changes

Samsung Calendar is a very smart calendar app which Samsung develops for its Galaxy devices. With the help of this application, you can smartly plan your life; it helps you to create events and tasks quickly and ensures that you remember them.

In comparison to the Google stock calender, Samsung has provided so many features you can manage all your schedules at a glance by adding various calendars, including Google calendar, which displays weekly weather information, and you can set up a variety of notifications for an event, and there are many features available like these.

According to information, Samsung is rolling out a new update for its Calender app; it comes with version number This will be the major update for the app as it comes with major changes; let us tell about them briefly:

Automatic shape correction function in handwriting

As you already know, the Samsung calendar app gives you the facility to draw or write anything anywhere in the date column, but now with this update, this will improve when you draw any shape, and if you don’t lift your pen, it will automatically reshape the figure.

Dark/ light mode is now independent

With the latest update, it will grab a new option which will help you to set the mode for your calendar app independently, which means it will be unaffected by the main dark mode settings of the phone.

Work profile Calendar

Samsung has made improvements in the calendar for better compatibility with the watch. Now with this update, it will show you the related data on your watch, whichever you want, which means it is up to you which profile you have synced with the app.

Shared calendar member permission setting and link function are added

Now, two new functions have been added under shared calendars ( You can create a shared calendar through Calendar Settings > Calendar Management > ‘+ Create Shared Calendar’); the first one is “Share member permission” with the help of this function you can set the privileges of members to be invited through ‘Basic edit permissions’. Another one is the ‘share invitation link’; with this function, you can easily invite members easily and quickly.

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