Galaxy S23’s system does not actually consume 60GB storage

A few days ago, the reports of the Galaxy S23 series devices’ system taking up too much space (reportedly 60GB) came to the fore, which we also covered in our previous article. Since this news joined the internet and spread drastically, users started voicing their fury. But with some recent reports, the 60GB used storage seems to be a false narration only, and the actual bother something else. So, let’s find out the real issue. 

Samsung could update their smartphones to display the right amount of space consumed

As per some recent reports, the system isn’t occupying all the space that is shown in the used storage details. Rather, the used storage actually found out to be only 22GB and, in some cases, 38GB maximum (for the Galaxy S23 Ultra). The good part is the company- Samsung itself came up front to clarify things Which created resentment among users. To help you, we have explained the things in simpler words below. 

Informatively, the true system internal storage for the Galaxy S23 devices is 20GB to 25GB, which too varies by region, model category, or carrier type. It also includes the space taken up by One UI and even stores the place for upcoming OS updates as well. Besides, the used storage information, which is shown in the ‘My Files’ is in binary GiB units (Gibibyte) and not in the GB form (Gigabytes), which created the main confusion. 

Let us explain in easy words if we talk about the 512GB storage variant of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is in Gigabytes form; we only get 476.837 gibibytes of storage free to use. Because the shown Gibibyt unit is different from the usual Gigabytes, users misperceive it as the widely-used Gigabytes. Consequently, Samsung is now planning ‘My Files’ to update so it can use Gigabyte units to show accurate storage uses. 

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