Galaxy S23 Ultra’s BMW M Edition will adopt the famous three M colours

The South Korean tech conglomerate Samsung every year launches limited-edition devices for its famous Galaxy devices, including smartphones, smartwatches, and earbuds, to provide a different and premium device experience. Now, the most recent Galaxy S23 Ultra device has also joined the limited edition lineup. Notably, Samsung has recently introduced the BMW M edition for the Galaxy S23 Ultra device in South Korea. 

Let us inform you for the limited BMW M edition Galaxy S23 Ultra device, the South Korean firm Samsung and the regional telecommunication company SK Telecom have joined hands with the automaker BMW. Informatively, these limited-edition Galaxy S23 Ultra devices are inspired by the iconic BMW M3 E30 car and are limited to the South Korean region, with only 1000 units available. 

BMW M Edition of Galaxy S23 Ultra: What will it bring?

As we have mentioned above, this limited-edition Galaxy S23 Ultra model is based on the BMW M3 E30 car; it comes with the below-listed novelties. 

  • 12GB RAM with 512GB internal storage on board.
  • It will come with a hard case with G80’s hood sign and kidney grille on it.
  • Will get a total of 6 emblems that illustrate various BMW performance eras. 
  • Will get a BMW Motorsport roundel, which was introduced last year when BMW celebrated its 50 years of inception. 
  • Will have BMW-inspired boot animation. 
  • Packed in a BMW M3 car-like neat box.  
  • A Starter Pack Voucher of BMW Driving Center, Incheon, South Korea (for lucky buyers only).
  • Other- Air Compressor, Analog Watch, Sunglass Holder, Poster, Photo Book, Keyring, and ‘We Are M’ Metal logo. 

How much will it cost?

Let us inform you the BMW M edition Galaxy S23 Ultra will be a bit costlier than the regular Galaxy S23 Ultra. In particular, to make the limited edition version yours, you should spend a total of 1,727,000 KRW, which is nearly 1370 USD. The wishful can order it by February 13th, 2023. Previously, Samsung launched the Golf edition Galaxy Watch 5 series as well. 

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