Samsung and Siemens to design Smart City Housing in the USA

As the world is becoming technical and automated, the amount of energy consumption is also increasing proportionally. To reduce energy consumption, Samsung has come up with a solution- SMartThings energy, which will be helpful to make a sustainable world by reducing energy consumption. To make it even more enhanced, Samsung joined hands with Siemens on their sustainable Smart City project in Sterling Ranch, Colorado, USA.

Let us inform you Samsung is planning for a Smart City sustainable housing project, which will be powered by Samsung’s SmartThings connectivity. Not only that but Samsung will also use the SmartThings energy at its core, which will make it even more sustainable and beneficial. In the same place, the home will generate energy for the household’s energy requirements.

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If we talk about the Sterling Ranch sustainable housing community, their work is to produce and store energy at home with the help of solar power. Besides, to save energy, all these houses will use the AI Energy mode in Samsung appliances. Not only that, but all 12,000 houses’ energy will be monitored by the SmartThings app so that the residents can keep a real-time check on their electricity usage.

The residents of this Samsung Smart City can compare their electricity usage with their usage goal and adjust it accordingly. This method will be indeed helpful in reducing electricity bills. Summarily, this sustainable housing community of Samsung and Siemens will let the user live in an eco-friendly and eco-conscious environment.

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