Samsung commences testing of Galaxy Fold 5 waterdrop hinge for enhanced durability

Samsung will launch its next-gen Galaxy foldable smartphones in the second half of this year. At present, the company is performing the reliability test for these upcoming foldable’s new water drop hinges. For those who are unaware, this year, the company has decided to use an other-than-regular hinge in the Galaxy Z Fold 5 device, which has initially been named ‘Dumbbell’. 

Let us inform you the future Galaxy Z fold 5 device’s hinge area is 14mm thick, which is slightly slimmer than the previous Galaxy Z Fold 4’s 15.8mm thicker hinge area. This reliability test will test the upcoming device in some parameters, such as 300,000 times folding and unfolding. In this reliability test, 200,000 times basic and 300,000 limit tests are included, which will take over a month. 

Informatively, the 200,000-time folding, which will take 4 to 5 days to complete, will maintain the foldable panel’s initial value by 15%. Not only for folding, but the company will also perform a reliability test for the technology that connects the digitizer (a flexible circuit board) of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 into one. If the waterdrop hinge passes the test, KH Vatech may focus on assembling the previous foldable phone-like hinge.

Let us tell you the final reliability test will start this week. If you don’t know, this new type of hinge lets both sides be in contact completely while folded, without leaving even any tiny space, and it also minimizes wrinkles. Notably, because the display is designed to be rolled out inside the main body in the shape of a waterdrop during the device is folded, the hinge is called a waterdrop-type hinge

After this new waterdrop hinge’s final drop is confirmed, the company will start the production of its parts, maybe in May month. Informatively, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 may not get too many modifications, but its thickness will be reduced. Besides, there were some reports of Apple launching its first foldable IT product, which will come in 2025, but they haven’t finalized the hinge development concept yet, which may be done by the end of this year to keep the mass production schedule. 

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