Android Auto 9.3 beta version is released: Download now

Google has released a new beta update for Android Auto users. The update comes with version number 9.3, which can be easily updated through the Play Store. Being the beta update, it is only available for the users who have already joined the beta program, while other users don’t get any updates. Let’s know what the new update brings.

What’s new Android Auto 9.3 beta

Google hasn’t specified any new changes with the new beta update, and it is not the first time; earlier, it has not revealed any new features, but after installing it, users had got many significant improvements, and sometimes it also carries some new features that help you to interact with the car screen more interestingly. With this new update, we hope that Google has added some new improvements. The latest update is available in around 36 MB of file size.

How to download the new update of Android Auto

Android users can easily download the new update of Android Auto through the Google Play store; however, as we said earlier, this update is only available for those users who have already joined the beta program of Android Auto.

What you can do with Android Auto

Android Auto is an application that provides a bridge between car screens and Android devices. You do several things with the help of Android Auto, such as

  1. You can easily manage infotainment systems and listen to your favorite media apps, including Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and many more.
  2. You can directly send and receive messages with Google Assistant with different mediums like SMS, hangouts, WhatsApp, skype, telegram; we chat, Kik, and many more.
  3. You will be connected to the real-time world as it also provides the latest updates on the news. 

The above-mentioned feature is just a small glimpse. If you try it yourself, you will get more features that will help you more.

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