Samsung’s Focus on Data Privacy for Global Customers

Recently, Luciana Tadiello, the director of legal and data privacy at Samsung’s Latin America office, exchanged some words with Leadersleague’s team. In particular, the Samsung official has discussed the recent regulatory changes along with how these changes affected the Korean firm’s data protection policy. She also spoke up about her role at Samsung and her day-to-day work at the company. Let’s know what she said.

Luciana shared that Samsung aims to create a world where technology exists to help people and the planet. To make it possible, Samsung always thinks of innovative ideas that re-energize our environmental progress. She said by explaining her work that, she helps the company in terms of legal topics. In particular, she helps to find various ways to help Samsung to be efficient, accessible and business-oriented in a wide range. 

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Let us tell you, in every Latin American region country where Samsung works in this league; it has a dedicated legal team that takes care of the needs of local businesses. These LAO legal teams support the company’s overall business strategy for the whole region. Now you may be thinking about what role technology plays in the Korean firm’s legal department. So, let’s find an answer to this question. 

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As we know, technology is an integral part of our life. It is an essential tool that can manage our legal documents, contracts, and agreements more efficiently. Besides, technology also helps us to create various tools for data management, security, collaboration, and others, along with apps such as Video conferencing and messaging apps. These tools help Samsung’s local teams, partners, and users on a daily basis. 

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As data privacy is the most necessary thing for OEMs as well as users, it became really important for every manufacturer to work as hard as they to strengthen security. As for the Korean firm, Data privacy has long been a pillar of its commitment to its customers all around the world, as Luciana said. As for Latin American countries, they already implemented multiple data protection laws. Those who didn’t are also under process. Because people from all over the world are being aware of this matter, it became important to have a law firm that’s adaptable and transparent. 

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