Samsung Galaxy devices that supports Astrophotography mode with Expert RAW

Astrophotography is Samsung’s one of the best photographic abilities of the Korean firm Samsung. It is basically a mode of Samsung’s incredible Expert RAW application that lets you capture images of the sky and moon. Previously, Expert RAW’s Astrophotography mode was limited to some top-notch Galaxy devices only, but now Samsung has expanded its availability. Let’s know which Galaxy devices have it. 

Informatively, the Korean firm has recently made Expert RAW’s Astrophotography mode available for the Galaxy S21 series devices. Not only that, but last week the Galaxy Z Fold 4 device also got its support with Expert RAW version Previously, the Galaxy S23 flagship member was the only one to have this Astro mode in it, but then Samsung announced other Galaxy devices, which are lined up to get it in the future. 

All those devices that are eligible for Expert RAW’s Astrophotography mode are listed below. 

Nota bene, the Galaxy S20 series devices (S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra) and the Galaxy Note20 devices (Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra) haven’t received the Astro mode yet, but we are expecting that the company will soon launch an update for these as well, which will bring the in-question Astro mode to them.

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