Samsung served the June 2023 security update for Galaxy Z Fold 4 in the US

Samsung has taken a proactive step in ensuring the security of its flagship device, the Galaxy Z Fold 4, by rolling out the June 2023 security patch. This update marks an important milestone for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 as it becomes the first smartphone in the Galaxy lineup to receive this crucial security update.

Currently, the June 2023 security patch is available for unlocked Galaxy Z Fold 4 users in the United States. This means that those who have purchased the device directly from Samsung or other retailers and are using it with any carrier can now benefit from the enhanced security measures this update provides.

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Although Samsung has not yet released specific details about the security patch, we expect that information to be available in the coming days. Samsung’s security patches typically address various vulnerabilities and bugs that could compromise the device’s security. By regularly releasing these updates, Samsung ensures that its users can continue to enjoy a secure and protected smartphone experience.

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The update for unlocked Galaxy Z Fold 4 users will arrive on the firmware version F936U1UES2CWE1. This version includes the necessary security enhancements to protect against threats and vulnerabilities. It is worth mentioning that Samsung is also working to make this update available to other Galaxy devices in the USA, including carrier-locked models. Therefore, even if you have a carrier-locked Galaxy device, you can expect to receive the June 2023 security update soon.

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