Samsung Galaxy S23’s Accessories Designed With the Planet in Mind

Samsung has always been a leading manufacturer of giving up to date latest technology and updates in their released models. Samsung also plays an important role in taking steps to support the environmental issues that arise because of their work. Samsung aims to spread a positive and meaningful impact on the planet by its way of providing products under its sustainability vision. It cannot be assured that the produced product has zero impact on the planet; here, we just aim to lessen the impact of technology on the product we create.

With the Galaxy S23 series, which uses more recycled materials than any other Galaxy smartphone, we have made significant progress towards achieving this goal. These materials come from discarded fishing nets, water barrels and PET bottles, as well as pre and post-consumer glass, aluminium and plastic. The Galaxy S23 Ultra has also increased the proportion of recycled materials made components by two and expanded their use to include exterior as well as interior components.

A major step in this initiative is that Samsung Mobile eXperience (MX) has started its work to integrate recycled materials in all mobile products, and this process will entirely come into effect in 2025. It is evident that the Galaxy S23 series has eight variants of design in style format, and all these variants will be equipped with eco-conscious products – products marked by a concern for the environment. Till now, three smartphone cases have been designed by undergoing this initiative.

Silicone Graphite case – A variety of post-consumer recycled polymers are used here, which improves resource circularity in Samsung’s manufacture and design. The interior case has recycled microfiber, which has at least 29% recycled PET plastics. The strap is made up of 86% recycled PET polymers.

Smartview Wallet case – More practical one but more than that made using eco-friendly products. A minimum of 21% bio-based content was used for the exterior cover and 29% recycled PET plastics for the interior case.

Rugged Gadget Case – Has durable and easy-to-hold design. Recycled product usage in the preparation gives more protection. At least 37% bio-based material is included in the exterior structure.

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