Samsung Galaxy S22 Series’s smoothing camera zoom animations is around the corner

Earlier in June, the moderator of the Samsung Community stated the Galaxy S22 update would be released soon and also stated that the Galaxy S22 Ultra or S22 series would have fluid camera zoom animations similar to the Galaxy S23. Still, now the Galaxy S22 remains one of Samsung’s most reliable flagships today, despite the Exynos 2200’s less-than-stellar launch performance.

Now following the recent reports, the development team who are in charge of enhancing the camera experience is presently putting their efforts hard on the camera zoom animations for the Galaxy S22 series smoother, a moderator from the Samsung Community stated a few weeks ago. If the experience improvement were to be received in the way it was expected, Galaxy S22 could compete with the Galaxy S23 series.

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The moderator revealed the activity status of the development team, who has been working on this progress today. It is not clear that the upgraded camera transition animations will be included in the June update, but the official report should be released shortly from Samsung’s side. The Galaxy S22 series camera zoom animations may be changed; however, it’s not as simple as it may seem.

The moderator of the Samsung Community stated, “I’m in charge of the camera. We are going to support the S22 model lens conversion effect. The lens transition effect has a lot more points to fix than it looks. It takes a lot of time to verify after modifying all parts. We’re almost done, so we’ll make it available as soon as possible.”

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Currently, Samsung is analyzing the modifications it has done to the zoom animations on the Galaxy S22, as more than half of the work seems to be completed. Whether the Galaxy S22 series’ monthly firmware update or Camera app update would include these developed enhanced animations is still vague.

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