Carrier-locked Galaxy S21 and A52 5G getting July 2023 update in the US

Samsung is continuously rolling out the July 2023 security patch to its devices, with the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy A52 5G in the United States being the latest recipients of this update.

As usual, the updates are being released gradually across different regions. First, the Verizon Galaxy S21 Series received the update, and now other carriers are following suit. Simultaneously, the Galaxy A52 5G is also receiving the update for the first time, starting with users in the US.

The firmware identification number for the Galaxy S21 Series (S21, S21+, S21 Ultra) on T-Mobile & Sprint carriers is G99*USQS8EWG1, while the Galaxy A52 5G locked by T-Mobile, MetroPCS, and Sprint has the identifier A526USQSAEWG1. Although the update doesn’t bring any major visual changes to Samsung devices, it is still crucial to download it, as it addresses around 90 system vulnerabilities and enhances the overall stability and performance of the terminals.

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Updating your Galaxy S21 Series or Galaxy A52 5G is highly recommended, given the significant improvements and security enhancements. To check if the July 2023 patch is available for your device, navigate to Settings -> Software Update, where you can find and download the update when it becomes available for your specific device.

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