Tesla’s Next-Gen Auto Chip HW 5.0 to be Manufactured by Samsung

Samsung Electronics is one of the largest memory chip manufacturers in the globe, and the firm intends to make itself stronger in the field. As a part of this, Samsung has collaborated with one of the biggies, Tesla. Tesla is a combination of both the automotive and energy sector. Electric cars, energy generating, and storage technologies are all created, developed, manufactured, sold, and leased by this company.

According to the reports from the source, KED Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, allegedly had a meeting with Samsung President Lee Jay-yong in May at a Samsung research facility in Silicon Valley. Discussing the partnership between the firms, they have been partners for a very long time since Samsung provided the HW3 processors for the Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y. Now they are joining hands again as the next Full Self-Driving(FSD) chips for Tesla Inc. will be produced by Samsung.

KED reports that Tesla’s Hardware 5(HW 5.0) computers, which the electric vehicle manufacturer expects to mass-produce in three to four years, will use the chips which will be produced on Samsung’s 4-nm node. Several reports say that in the May meeting, Samsung offered an advantageous HW 5.0 contract to Musk that he could not refuse. It is important to note that Samsung is not the only firm that teamed up with Tesla; earlier this year, Tesla teamed up with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and chose TSMC as the exclusive supplier for the HW 5.0 auto chip.

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An official has commented on this approach of Tesla,”Splitting next-generation chip production between the two is more likely though.” Through these collaborations, Tesla aims to achieve its Level 5 of Full Driving Automation, where the vehicles won’t have pedals for braking and acceleration. They will be unrestricted by geofencing and capable of doing any task that a skilled human driver is capable of. These sets of vehicles are being tested, but they are not made available to the public.

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